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Would be awesome if you can help to add support for querying doomsday servers from master server.
For these Server Browsers: Doom Explorer and Doomseeker.


  • Frankly, I don't think Doomsday is the one that has to add support, rather the creators/maintainers of those server browser programs have to add support for Dday. Dday also has it's own inbuilt server browser.

    Though I can of course see the positives in having one program able to display the available servers of every port possible, but as mentioned, it isn't Deng Team who have to add support.
  • My position still is that supporting Doomsday in something like Doomseeker shouldn't be a huge amount of work.

    I appreciate Blzut's position because lets face it, not many people are currently using Doomsday for multiplayer.

    How popular are tools like this in the multiplayer community? If theres a bit of "chicken and egg" scenario here yet such tools are generally popular, I'd be willing to speculate and invest the time and developing support.
  • I would like to try it my self if i can, what i should know to implement that?
  • First you'd need to find the documentation for (say) Doomseeker and determine exactly what information it needs about the running servers and exactly what form the support would take (is there simply a configuration file that needs writing or is code required, like a plugin?).
  • Plugin Based
    i think i need
    master server IP
    and structures, to request and receive data
  • My suggestion would be to take a look at the code I wrote for this web site: ... terbrowser

    Our web based master server browser interacts with the master server in the same way that a potential Doomseeker plugin would need to. Actual communication with the server can be taken from Doomsday itself: ... server.cpp

    Our master server provides a digest of the currently running servers in various formats. For example, in XML:

    Edit: Personally, I would actually prefer to parse a JSON response for the sake of brevity, minimizing bandwidth and the fact that it is generally much simpler to parse. However, there seems to be a problem with generating a JSON response at present (I'll look into it...).
  • Master server, JSON responses are working again (see: Evidently this code hasn't been updated in a while so I'm currently investigating whether there are any other issues...
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