Problem with sound since windows update KB3081438

edited 2015 Aug 26 in General
Hi there. I've only had Windows 10 64 bit for a few days, and so far the engine worked perfectly for the most part. But, today, specifically after windows update KB3081438 that was applied yesterday, the external sound of Heretic doesn't work. I'm using the original midi music found here: ... -for-fans/

I'm using the mp3 Doomsday version, of course.
But as of today (after the update) those external mp3 files that worked perfectly until yesterday, started to work terribly. The SFX sound works properly, but the external music, what is the english word... stutters? shatters? Like, it sounds properly, and all of a sudden, you can hear a sort of glitch. It only lasts a second, but it's very annoying. This doesn't happen with midi music generated by the engine. I just wanted to post this to let you know, because I'm absolutely sure that this is not a problem from the engine, wich worked well until yesterday; but a problem of the update itself. I tried every sound driver, but they all have the same problem. This is not the only problem I had today after that update, and it wouldn't be the first time that a windows update doesn't work properly, but if anyone can think of a way to workaround or fix this, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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