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GhostGuy's Cooperative Server Build 1.15.2

edited 2015 Aug 27 in DOOM
I have already announced this thread in "General" but I think not many players are seeing this important thread about my server. So I have pasted here in this section as well.

I've noticed that players are trying to enter my server. Unfortunately, they can't enter since I do have an external PWAD file on the server. To know which PWAD I'm using, click on the right box next the server's name. This will pull up a small description of what build I'm using and any PWAD(s) I'm using. This seems to be a nice feature in Doomsday Engine.

I have updated the webpage for four possible Pwad(s) now. It would be a special2_doomsday.wad (Ultimate Doom), mm.wad (Memento Mori for Doom 2), sid.wad (Suspended in Dusk for Doom 2), or scythe.wad (Scythe for Doom 2).

To know more details about the PWADs, access the webpage here:

Bare in mind, the webpage provider I'm using display advertisements unfortunately (ignore them).


  • Just to let you know that I have added two more possible PWADs to the webpage for my server. Combined files of DTWID.deh and DTWID.wad (Doom the Way id Did for Ultimate Doom) for one possible server or 2002ado_dmusic.wad (2002 A Doom Odyssey for Ultimate Doom) for another possible server.

    2002ado_dmusic.wad is modified to play the original doom music instead of playing the new music.
  • I have updated my PWADs webpage with an additional PWAD called "AlchemyWads" which is PWAD compiled with selected WADs you might enjoy. Information on the selected WADs can be read on "View alchemywads.txt" if interesting.

    I'm going to titled my server between parenthesis which PWAD I will be using since a few people try to connect my server but failed. I don't know if they do not know the selected box next to the server's name can tell what PWAD I'm using or even aware of this feature. Oh well.

    I have also noticed that I could setup the original PWAD (2002ado.wad) "2002 A Doom Odyssey" on my server and use the modified 2002ado_dmusic.wad to join since all I did was changed the music. So now on, I will setup the server with the original 2002ado.wad instead.

    Some of the PWADs are not listed on my webpage anymore since I felt they were tedious and not many are joining the server. So I may not update the webpage for awhile. I thought I provide the external links for the PWADs I will be setting up for:

    "2002 A Doom Odyssey" (2002ado.wad) for Ultimate Doom ...

    "Doom the Way id Did" (DTWID.deh, DTWID.wad) for Ultimate Doom ... /

    "Scythe" (scythe.wad) for Doom 2 or Final Doom ...

    "AlchemyWads" (alchemywads.wad) for Doom 2 or Final Doom would have to be downloaded from the webpage which is still this link:

    I still have "Special2_doomsday.wad" on the webpage still but most likely I would not be setting up a server for that.

    I still have the modified "2002ado_dmusic.wad" present on the webpage as well.
  • Just wanted to inform for those who are interesting that I have uploaded a PWAD for possible use on my server. It is known as "Ultimate Doom to Doom 2 Shareware" (UDtoD2share.wad) which is a shareware version of Ultimate Doom Episode One converted to Doom 2 (maps 1 to 9). Be aware that I have converted these from my full converted wad (UDtoD2.wad) which contain all Ultimate Doom maps except the deleted four maps to accommodate the 32 maps limit for Doom 2. Unfortunately, I cannot release this UDtoD2.wad for public use since it's like promoting a full Doom game, sorry.

    Also, be aware that I will also be setting up a Zandronum server from time to time to play Brutal Doom, link provided on the webpage as well. Catch me there if interesting.
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