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Help and problems with multiplayer

edited 2015 Aug 9 in DOOM
First of all I am new here so hey! I have been playing on the doomsday engine for many years and by far it is my favorite engine! So thank you Devs for making this and continuing!

So I am trying to run a multiplayer server using add-on WADs
So I have DE 1.15.2 and 2.0

How do I run Addon wads in the servers?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you


  • It's really straight forward. I use the Doomsday Shell for adding my PWADs. When you open Doomsday Shell, you want to click on the tab "Server" and then create "New Local Server". Another box should come up, where there are tabs "Settings" and "Advanced". Assuming you already know the "Settings" portion in setting up the name of the server and game (after you choose the game), you want to go the "Advanced" tab. Once there, there is "Options". This is where you want to add the PWAD. It functions the same as normal Doom execution by typing in "-file" under "Options". For example, I have my PWADs located under Wads folder under Doomsday directory. Say I have a "mm.wad" file I want to use, I would type " -file c:\Doomsday\Wads\mm.wad" in "Options".

    I hope this helps.
  • Thanks so much for helping me! I have another question but it is off this subject kinda. Maybe you know the answer or someone else will. I did not want to start a new thread for it.

    I am modding my own Pwad and I have added some monster with Slade3, But in the decorate file i do not see a Actor ID for the monster. How can I use him in Doom builder2?

    Ok so I added a id number to the monster, in Doombuilder2 I can see it if I load my Doom2 wad with format of skulltag doom in doom format.
    The monster shows in decorate no problem it seems. but when I load Doomsday engine with the map there is no monster there.

    In Zdoom it shows. I am guessing there is another method to adding monsters to Jdoom. I am guessing by using DED text files but I am not sure how to use them, It would be nice to know how. I loaded a DED I made using the text in the monster decorate file then sent it to addons, But it did not show the monster still.

    Thanks again for the help!
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