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Versions, crashes and questions

edited 2015 Aug 2 in DOOM
I'm not a power-user, so most of my 'gaming' is limited to the more simple things, as in just playing the games and not tinkering with settings much or modding anything.

I have some questions about the newest version of Doomsday. I actually asked this on a previous thread before I realized the thread was way old and unlikely to be seen, so I migrated it here.

I am still using version 1.6. I have resisted upgrading to the newer versions because I didn't like having to always go back in and fix a number of settings the upgrades kept changing. So, I am downloading version 1.15.2. The only reason I am upgrading is because this version (1.6) does the exact same thing as described in this thread, except mine will do this spontaneously upon trying to load a saved game. It has been doing this more and more often, and there's no way to load a previous level so you don't lose your place as much, so I end up having to start all over from the beginning. I was hoping the newer version would have long taken care of this problem, but now I'm not so sure I don't want to upgrade if I'm risking my settings being changed again AND still having the crash-to-desktop problem as well. I don't see the benefit to that. Plus, my system is really old (XP, sp3) and it may not have the balls to drive a larger engine....(??). My machine is a good though, clean system that was restored a year ago or so, and runs well. It can easily drive Doom3, but yeah....I know I need to upgrade the box.


So, would there be any issues to upgrade to the newer version of Doomsday? Is this crashing stuff been fixed? Or am I just being a pain in the rump?

Thanks ~


  • The 1.6 that you refer to is not Doomsday Engine, it is the snowberry front end loader. This is still present in the current version. It would help maybe if you could find the Doomsday version that you are using. It should be in the lower right corner when you start a game and bring up the task bar.
  • fizixx wrote:
    my system is really old (XP, sp3)
    In this case I would recommend sticking with 1.10.4 because that is the final version where we still did testing and development on Windows XP. Newer versions have not been tested on it and may not work at all.

    Also, when it comes to graphics, after 1.10.4 we have been doing larger changes which require newer OpenGL drivers to work right.

    When it comes to crashes, we are usually only able to investigate and fix problems that we can reproduce ourselves. For instance all the systems with Intel HD graphics that I have at my disposal run the latest versions of Doomsday just fine. Of course, I also run the latest version of Windows and have up-to-date drivers.
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