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Regarding Build 1.10.4 Server and Setup

edited 2015 Aug 4 in DOOM
I may setup a public server on build 1.10.4 if anyone interesting. I'm presently using this build for multiplayer since the animations of the monsters seem to move faster than the recent build(s) while hosting after I insert "-fast" under options. I do not know for those of you who has a recent build would be able to join my server. I haven't try that route yet.

As far I can tell, Build 1.10.4 uses the same Doomsday Shell Frontend as the recent build(s). So I will give a brief description of how to setup a basic server. First thing is to setup the location of your IWADS which would be under "File" - "Settings" - "Preferences" (check Use a custom IWAD folder and Browse the location of your IWADS) and press OK. Next, select "Server" and choose "New Local Server". The box "Start Local Server" has two tabs "Settings" and "Advanced". Obviously, under "Settings" the Name is what you want to name the server. Now switch to "Advanced" to type "-fast" (without quotes) under "Options". Now you can select Start Server. I noticed when you start the server the "Status" box show the map's layout. However the "Console" box gives you options to setup parameters for your server.

Just type whatever between the quotes to enable these commands and press enter:

Enable cheats on your server, just type "server-game-cheat 1"
Respawn items on your server, just type "server-game-coop-respawn-items 1"
Let people see your server, just type "server-public 1"

To assign a different Episode or Map change, you have to type the command first and the change would occur after you close the server and restart the server again:

Episode change, just type "server-game-episode 0" (0 is Episode 1 while 1 is Episode 2 and so fore) 0,1,2,3 for Ultimate Doom
Map change, just type "server-game-map 0" (0 is Map 1 while 1 is Map 2 and so fore)

Other "server-" commands can be found on the Wiki page here: ... _reference

I hope this helps.


  • good info.

    Where are you located?
  • I'm in the United States (Eastern Standard Time). I have noticed that a few of you are from various parts of the world which may be hard to setup a time frame. Try to pop in if you can (if you see my server's up). I'm waiting for the new build (1.15.2) to come out to check it. I think the player's animations would be fixed then.
  • I just got done checking the new recent build 1.15.2 and I am please that the Player's Animations seem to be fixed now. So I might be setting up a public server for build 1.15.2 instead of 1.10.4 now since the majority of you clients might be updating to this new build. The only issue I have for this new build is that the frame rate is slightly slower than the build 1.10.4 I was using when I play one of Sitters' maps (SitterPack). Also, I have noticed that the option "-fast" does not work when setting up a host server for build 1.15.2. However, you can achieve the same effect as "-fast" by assigning the skill level to 5 which you can enable by typing in this command (without the quotes) under Console in Shell:

    Enabling Skill 5 for fast monsters, type "server-game-skill 4" and press enter.

    Also, you can setup for no damage to other players in coop by typing "server-game-coop-nodamage 1" and press enter.

    You may need to close the server after you typed these commands and reopen it again to take effect.

    Also, I might announce which build I will be using when I name my server. I think this a good idea for those who try to enter the server with the correct build.

    I hope this helps.
  • I have noticed that when I setup my own server. I can also view what Pwad(s) I'm using by clicking on right box next to my server. This is a nice feature to view since occasionally I will be using an external Pwad for my game server. I'm planning to setup a server perhaps in the next few days (usually when I'm playing on the server as well) if anyone interesting.

    I also setup a personal webpage specifically to announce and provide either a link or a download ZIP file on my webpage. As it now, I have a download ZIP file for Special2_doomsday.wad. Unfortunately, the webpage service I use display advertisements. Don't bother to click on those. Just click "Download" on the bottom left (below the description of the Pwad) for the ZIP file if interesting.

    Here's the link of webpage:
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