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Risen3D Models and Sitters' Maps

edited 2015 Jul 28 in DOOM
If anyone interesting, I have compiled two packs referred as Risen3DPack and SittersPack on a webpage, located mid-section of the page "Interests". Risen3DPack consisted models from Risen3D models enhancement with a mixture of jDRP source (Risen3DPackFix.pk3) to fix the Risen3D problems or replaced some original Risen3D models that simply cannot work under the Doomsday Engine. The latter pack referred as SittersPack consisted some maps made by Sitters who at the time made them specifically for the Doomsday Engine (these are not the Risen3D versions). Luckily, I have found these maps on one of my old CDs. I wasn't able to locate the original on the net anymore. Please read the Readme for further details.

I am presently using the Doomsday Engine Build 1.10.4 for multiplayer. Although, it is not required to play these packs. They do work on the recent build of Doomsday Engine but I've found the old build is still stable for multiplayer (as far I can tell).

The webpage for Risen3DPack and SittersPack is located here:

You may have to refresh it again if 'webpage's not found' appear at first.

The High Textures I used for now is this one if interesting: ... day-engine


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