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Ultimate Doom COOP map rotation

edited 2015 Jun 25 in DOOM
Hello scene,

At first i would like to thank you for the great doomsday project, you guys are beautiful.

Now to the problem- i with my friends are trying to play through the Ultimate Doom COOP. Started the server with the default settings, opened the default port in NAT and it works great. We managed to play through Episode 1. The server switched through the Episode 1 maps nicely.

After the Episode 1 ended, the server did not switch to EP2, looks like it doesnt know what to do next.

Ok, i started to dig into te config files- we have to tell the server what episode to switch to, or start the server with (for instance,start server with EP2,not EP1)

We have a interesting variables-
server-game-episode "" <---- what to type here ? "E2" , "2" ? From version changelogs i understand numeric Episodes dont work here, Episode DEDs are required, are they prewritten for basic doom episodes? Where are they located? What are their names?

Also some more variables - are they needed in coop? What to type here? Need to type the entire mapcycle for an episode coop experience? Will the weapons remain between switching maps in a episode?
server-game-map ""
server-game-mapcycle ""

Some examples would be great. Just to be able play through the game in COOP (all episodes).

Best regards,



  • What you are asking to do - play through all episodes sequentially - cannot be achieved with a single game session. Game sessions last for the duration of one episode. Once the current episode has ended you need to begin a new session on the next episode. There is presently no way to do this without starting a new session on server side, which in turn means starting a new server (this is a long-standing limitation we plan to address in a future version)
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