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More Game Support?

edited 2015 Jun 23 in Off-Topic
I was just curious if there was maybe talks of supporting some more games. Stuff like quake, ROTT, duke3d or blood. It would really make life so much better.


  • One of the extremely long term goals of the rewriting/recoding/reorganizing etc of Dday since 1.8.6 has been to make the engine capable of supporting any 2.5d fps one can write a plugin for (i.e to transition from a Doom source port to an 2.5d fps source port).

    It's written in the small box right at the bottom of this page of the website (though I don't think Deng Team have written about it anywhere else?):

    This is why Deng Team have often been working on things that may appear to have little relevance to Doom, Heretic and HeXen. For instance, Deng team have often spoke of a map converter; during map loading, Dday currently converts Doom and HeXen (IDTech1) format maps to an internal map format that is slowly being built to support more than IDTech1 format maps.

    Deng Team also have other grand ambitions for the future of Doom (and other 2.5d fps).

    However, all this takes an extremely long time, as I'm sure everyone has noticed.
  • Cool thanks for the info.
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