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Doom II Coop Server Setup Help

edited 2015 Jun 18 in DOOM
Hello everyone.

Forgive me if the answer to my issues are plainly posted somewhere but I am having a lot of trouble.

The story so far:
I can start a coop server with the Doomsday Shell.
I was able to make a autoexec.cfg and have doomsday shell load it when the server starts.
I can connect to the server.

However upon connection, I notice that there are mid and end game weapons everywhere on the first level.
I then found this variable: server-game-coop-noweapons 1
I put that in my config and then.... no weapons at all. :(
Is there a way to make just the multiplayer weapons not spawn?

Another issue: I notice that monsters respawn even when I am not on nightmare difficulty. What's up with that? I can't find a var to turn that off.

If anyone knows how to fix these issues I would be very grateful. All I really want to do is play Doom 2 coop with friends as if it were single player.

Also my config if it helps any:
server-name "my coop"
server-info "Come join my game"
net-ip-port 11100
server-player-limit 4
server-public 0
server-game-skill 3
server-game-respawn 1
server-game-coop-nothing 0
server-game-deathmatch 0
server-game-coop-respawn-items 0
server-game-coop-noweapons 1
server-game-coop-nodamage 0



  • Hey, commenting back to say that this setting:
    server-game-respawn 0

    seems to stop enemies from spawning. I dunno if it has any side effects on players though.

    Also I decided to download this thing called "Doom Builder" and just delete all the multiplayer weapons. Once you figure out how to filter only the multiplayer weapons, highlighting them and then pressing delete is easy. It would still be nice to know if there is a command to just not spawn them in the first place though.

    Anyway... I hope this helps someone.
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