Doomsday 2.0

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Do you know when doomsday 2.0 will available for Microsoft Windows.


  • As far as I am aware, there is no set date for 2.0's release.
    As far as platform releases go, these all ocurr at the same time,
    as doomsday requires no modifications be made in order to run on

    In regards to 2.0's release: this will happen when all milestones for 2.0
    have been reached. A couple of these are pretty big milestones.

    All but two of these milestones are features. One of the foremost feature requests
    is feature #1600. #1600 necessitates
    completion of many other features such as #1568.

    If you wish to use the latest available version, skyjake is working to have
    regular builds back online (some changes to the build system were made).
  • Harley5111 wrote:
    Do you know when doomsday 2.0 will available for Microsoft Windows.
    I would like to clarify that the unstable 2.0 builds will soon be available also for Windows. We are only getting starting with these, though — 1.15 is barely out the door.

    I recommend sticking with 1.15 for a few months still because we are introducing some breaking and functionality-regressing changes in the 2.0 builds. You might find them difficult to use until the planned changes are complete.

    (Please see the Roadmap for details about the status of the 2.0 work.)
  • Speaking of Doomsday 2.0. The new interface looks very good. What is the supposed way to exit? I didn't see any button. I would have expected something like in Windows Start - Shutdown. For now Alt-F4 did the job...
  • There is a Quit menu option in the DE app menu (task bar right corner).
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