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Some basic suggestions for improving the usability of Home?

edited 2015 Jun 14 in User Interface
Some basic suggestions for improving the usability of the Home screen, as obviously, it's not just about the features in it.

1. Colour the boxes based off the game they are for (i.e Heretic save games are green boxed etc)?

2. One each section of the UI reaches a certain amount of rows vertically, expand horizontally (i.e add columns), rather than continue to add more rows?

3. Minimum contents option: an option to reduce the amount of information displayed in the boxes to the bare minimum, in order to fit more on the page (i.e for save games, the contents could be minimized to purely the name of the save game, maybe with a capital S in front of it to identify it as a save game)?


  • I like these ideas. I'll look to implement some of these the next time I'm tweaking the Home UI.
  • One thing to consider with suggestion 2 is whether each game should display a maximum amount of buttons under each section, say 6 save games, before becoming individually scrollable/expandable sections; a user might have a couple of dozen Doom save games and one Heretic save game and want to load that Heretic save game.
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