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1.15 Release Candidate 1

edited 2015 May 25 in News
We have now finished all the work planned for version 1.15. The headline features for this release will be customizable episode structure for games, Hexen-style MAPINFO support for Doom and Heretic, improvements in the BSP builder, adjustable pixel density in the renderer, various UI improvements (including OS X retina support), and plenty of bug fixes.

1.15 RC1 (build 1598) is now available for downloading. We're still putting together the full release notes, however you may already find them here: Release notes for 1.15.0.

You may recall that during past years we've had a "Candidate phase" during which we've tried to focus on bug fixes. We're changing things up this time, and have decided to go with a more traditional Release Candidate model. In other words, we've already been through a couple months of bug fixing, and the first release candidate is roughly equivalent to the past Stable .0 releases.

If serious game-breaking issues (for example crashes or savegame problems) are discovered in RC1, we will put together further RC builds. Otherwise there will no further RCs, and we will just make a new build designated Stable (with any minor finishing touches as needed).

So please go play the RC and report bugs in the Tracker! When reporting bugs, don't forget to mention "1.15 RC1" in the description. Depending on the urgency of discovered issues, we'll evaluate if they will get fixed in new RCs or later patch builds.

Moving forward

Finally, a few words about the next steps for the project. Work will continue on two major branches:
  • The plan is to begin making automated (although infrequent) builds from the "stable" branch to produce patches for 1.15. The goal for these patches is to improve stability and fix any incorrect behavior. No new features will be added.
  • The real focus will be on the "master" branch, which will continue forward with new unstable builds. The version number for these will be 2.0. The biggest reason for incrementing the major version number is that the Snowberry frontend will be retired, and the engine will gain basic add-on management functionality in the Home screen.

Once the 2.0 unstable builds really get underway we can share more details about the transition to a standalone app. However, be prepared that some add-on functionality will be unavailable in upcoming unstable builds.


  • Sounds awesome thank you for the update and awesome work.
  • Make it through Hexen without problems and I'll be happy.
  • will test some time soon and keep up the amazing work.
  • Thanks a ton, guys!

    Once I finish Alien: Isolation, I'm going back to Hexen.

    Here's your cake: ... odemon.jpg

  • A Cakedemon! Looks great Cinnder. :)

    I'm playing through Hexen myself again with the Mage, almost through Seven Portals now without any issues.
  • I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU again. I just finished the Shadow Wood area for the first time in 20 years, because the bug where some of the 6 panels in the last room didn't activate was fixed by you good folks in this last release.
  • Glad to hear it! :) We've found and fixed some bugs in RC1, and I also made a few minor improvements for Hexen. The RC2 build will be announced later today.

    EDIT: It seems build 1605 is broken on Windows. Will fix and make a new one for tomorrow.
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