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Is it possible to add Doom 2 things to Ultimate Doom?

edited 2015 Mar 4 in DOOM

Is it possible to add Doom 2 weapons or monsters to Ultimate Doom?

I've taken a peek inside libdoom.pk3 and every Thing is declared inside objects.ded. If I would copy Doom 2 sprites into a pwad, and add the corresponding DoomEd number (for example, #82, the SSG) inside a map, would they load?

I've been experimenting with doing this, but apparently they are just not recognized by Ultimate Doom, as they don't show up at all. No warnings or alerts are displayed on the taskbar.


  • Short answer: Without code-level changes; no, it is not possible.

    Long answer: Doomsday implements a hard separation between game plugins. The code which implements monster and weapon behavior is only available within that plugin. (In contrast, ZDoom combines the code for all supported games into a single executable, making those behaviors available to all games). In order to replicate a monster or weapon in another game you'd need a way to copy the behavior from the original game.

    (While all versions of DOOM are in fact implemented by the same plugin, the same rules apply to game versions (Ultimate, DOOM2, etc...)).

    At some point in the future we plan to remodel this stuff so that monster and weapon behaviors are defined in external scripts. Once this milestone is reached you'll be able to copy said behavior from one game to another for your own personal use.
  • I see. Thanks for the reply.
  • I remember the PSX (Playstation version) Doom did.
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