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Any way to simulate Tag 666 on non-harcoded maps?

edited 2015 Mar 1 in DOOM
Is there any way to simulate Tag 666 on maps other than MAP07 or MAP32 on Doom 2?

I created a megawad (for personal use) that combines the Master Levels into an additional episode (thanks to the new MAPINFO support), but I'm having problems with the map Mephisto's Mausoleum, which is supposed to take place of MAP07. The problem is I haven't named this level MAP07 because I don't want it to override the vanilla map, so i'm looking for a way to simulate the behavior of Tag 666 for this map (or other PWADs I might load).

I tried turning on the compatibility flag "All bosses trigger 666" to no avail. Apparently it doesn't work for Mancubuses.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.


  • The 'all bosses trigger tag 666' is a compatibility option for E1M8 of Doom1/Ultimate Doom. Pre Ultimate Doom, any boss could trigger the 666 tag on E1M8, but Ultimate Doom changed this so that only Barron's could trigger it (and broke some classic Doom Pwads in the process, hence the compatibility option).

    Doomsday 1.15's MAPINFO lump support is/will be limited to many of the HeXen MAPINFO features.

    The 666 tag behaviour is still hardcoded in Dday, though it will probably be un-hardcoded in time, at which point the various 666 tag options ZDoom added to MAPINFO will probably become supported by Dday.

    In the meantime, one can use Dday's XG to create a new line type that imitates it on any map. Of course, this means one has to actually edit the map to add the new trigger. Though I assume that as you seem to be adding the Master Levels as a new episode alongside Vanilla Doom 2, that you must be at least renaming the Master Level maps; in future (i.e post 1.15) Dday 1.15's new episode def's will apparently be able to distinguish between which pwad the map comes from, so such renaming won't be needed.

    Though be aware that XG is currently pretty likely to crash the engine, as it was never rewritten when Dday2's internal map format replaced the old map format years ago (though it will hopefully be before Dday 2).

    Line Type {
    ID = 10000;
    Flags = mobj_gone | ticker
    Flags2 = when_act | any
    Class = plane_move
    Type = timed_off
    Count = 1
    Time = 1
    Thing type = "FATSO"
    Ticker tics = 5
    Ip0 = "lref_tagged"
    Ip1 = 666
    Ip2 = "spref_lowest_floor"
    Ip5 = "pstop"
    Ip6 = "stnmov"
    Fp0 = 1
    Fp3 = 0.2
    Fp4 = 0.2
  • That XG script did the trick, thanks a lot!

    I had been trying to do one of my own but for some reason I couldn't get the mobj_gone / FATSO trigger to activate. Somehow, the one you provided works perfectly.
  • Mobj_gone can't be used as a requirement by itself; why that is the case, only Deng Team could answer.
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