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Failing to load some add-ons making weapons invisible

edited 2015 Feb 3 in DOOM
Hello all,

Thanks for the forum and all the work on doomsday. I spent some time to look for an answer for my issue with Doomsday but I didn't. I installed Doomsday, loaded the doom2.wad game, and the game works well without any add-on.
Then I installed this add-on :
- DOOM Resource Pack (jDRP) in the add-ons section of the website.
Some stuff are working :
- Modeling of creatures
- Ammo, etc..
However the weapons models don't work, they don't show juste above the interface as usual.
I get these errors when I run Doomsday, maybe they explain the issue :
- Failed to load "C:/games/Doomsday/data/jdoom/textures/Particle23.tga"
- Failed to load "C:/games/Doomsday/data/jdoom/textures/Particle00.tga"
- Failed to locate "Models:LostSoul/Lostsoul_flame.md2"
- Failed to locate "chaingun-mf2.pcx" (#2) for model "(basedir)/data/jdoom/Models/HUD/Chaingun/Chaingun-MF.md2"
- Failed to locate "bfgm3.pcx" (#3) for model "(basedir)/data/jdoom/Models/Projectiles/BFGshot/BFGShot.md2"

Indeed I don't see those files in my Explorer but I don't understand as I installed the last version of Doomsday today and I followed the instructions to install the add-on.

Does anyone has a clue ?
Thanks for your help


  • I have similar issues.
    It seems to be a problem auf Doomsday to find the right paths of the models in JDRP.
    I got the problem with some Models (HUD_Pistol, HUD-Chaingun, IMP (Death animation works) etc.).
    Starting Doomsday in Wine everything is found and works.

    Maybe the JDRP is in its structure not up to date with the engines processes?
  • it's likely that you are using wide screen monitors so the weapons are being displayed too low for you to see them. In the task bar type this rend-hud-fov-shift 0
  • I know it's not super useful to reply to old threads. But.... I am having the same issue. Same files not loading and therefore not seeing those weapons. Other weapons display nicely and also if I unload the jdrp add-on I can play with the old weapon images just fine (but then the many parts of the game are back to old graphs). I'll try to investigate on my own, but if anyone found a solution, or a way to only use the old graphs for those not loaded parts, then that would be super.

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