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John Romero plays on Doomsday

edited 2015 Jan 23 in General
I don't know if any of you guys have seen this, but it's a video of John Romero playing on E4M2 of Ultimate Doom. Guess which source port he plays? ... e-of-doom/

Edit: There's actually several parts to this where he plays all of Episode 1. You can find it here: ... xNtfWZPm5W


  • Indeed, Romero seems to have a preference toward Doomsday (he used it in a co-op play through of EP1 last year) :)

    That said, one can see a little piece of both Dday's current wider popularity and current knowledge of it (as I've mentioned elsewhere on these forums) in some of the comments (I've only looked at the comments of the first two videos though) :(
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