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Doom 2 Requiem

edited 2015 Jan 17 in DOOM
I have the WAD files for Doom Requiem but cant play. Using Doomsday engine when I create a new entry named "Requiem" and point to the wad files and click play it shows me screen "games with missing resources". Please can anybody list the steps for playing requiem? Thanx


  • is the wad a zdoom wad? also dose it work in doom2 v1.9?
  • Requiem is a classic Vanilla Doom2 Pwad. I believe the OP is erroneously attempting to load Requiem in the place of the Doom2 Iwad.

    To load a Pwad using Snowberry, one needs to select the game it is for (in Requiems case, Doom2) and then click the addons tab. Next click the '+' button to 'install' (i.e copy it to your add-ons folder) it.

    At which point the Requiem Pwad will appear in the right panel, check the box next to it and then press play.
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