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Using external MP3 music packs in JDoom

edited 2015 Jan 15 in DOOM

Been using Doomsday V1.8.6 until recently.

I have a home-made music PK3 that incorporates stuff from the Classic Doom mod, the ambient music from one of the colsole versions, and stuff from the Dark Side of Phobos project.

This pack worked just fine in 1.8.6, however I'm having issues getting it to work in 1.14.5

What happens is that it seems to load up fine, and the intro song plays ok. But when I start the game and go to E1M1 the intro song keeps on playing, and the correct E1M1 song does not launch.

Have checked the DED file and it seems fine, all the lumps correspond correctly to the MP3 file, and of course it also worked fine in V1.8.6.

I have tried installing the pack in different ways, putting the whole thing into JDoom/auto, or putting it into Snowberry/addons with the DEDs in a separate location. Nothing seems to work, so clearly I'm overlooking something.

Other addons I'm using are:

Texture pack from the Add-ons section of this website.
JDoom Resource pack v1.01 from the Add-ons section of this website.
High-resolution user interface from the Add-ons section of this website.
Old JDoom Environment Pack that was released many years ago (reason being I cannot get the 'Slide's Skyboxes' add-on to download, there does not appear to be any seeds for the torrent right now).

I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

Is anyone able to tell me where I might eb going wrong, or provide any advice?

Thank you.
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