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build 1.15.0 #1453

edited 2014 Dec 28 in Hexen
In seven portals, guardian of ice, the sword that shows which column to step on to exit isn't showing up. I first noticed this in VR mode but it also doesn't show when played without VR.

Also, I can't seem to adjust gamma, brightness, or contrast when in VR. The Oculus shows much darker than normal mode.
I also have judder problems.

EDIT: For some reason the game has lightened up and the contrast is fine, it was not anything I've changed that I know of.

I set the apostrophe key to bring up task bar but after playing for awhile it stops working, shift tilde doesn't work either. I have to shut down and start over. I just realized the task bar can be brought up thru the menu, maybe I can reset the apostrophe thru that, haven't tried it yet (getting tired of trying things).

Can an option be made that separates head tracking from aiming? It's seems to me that it would be more natural for the hud/arm/weapon to be aimed with the mouse in any direction, that way the hud/arm/weapon would be used to indicate which way the body is facing leaving the cam to be used with head tracking only.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I've only been dealing with hexen so I posted here, feel free to move it if need be.
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