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Polycounts for new models?

edited 2009 Sep 27 in General
What would be good for "next gen" characters in a mod for Doomsday ("next gen" meaning when there's a better model format support than md2/dmd)? I remember the old/current were something like 500 - 800 polygons for a character.. Usually I've been doing models with some 3000 - 4500 polygons (with some items, weapons in their hands, they can go some 6000).


  • For DOOM characters, I'd suggest you aim for around the 3500 poly mark at LOD 0. The larger characters like the Cyberdemon could have a bit more spent on them.

    As Doomsday can play more than just DOOM though, its hard to suggest a general guideline because the typical number of characters visible at a given time varies among the supported games. In Hexen for example, the player does not tend to face hordes of enemies, unlike DOOM and Heretic. Factor in the much slower pace of the game and I think you could safely push the poly budget a bit higher if modelling for Hexen.
  • The zombie model I am currently working on is 2044 polys right now
  • Allright, I was thinking my mod would have hordes of monsters visible at the same time. Plus more complex/detailed levels than are in Doom. So far a wip player character is at 3338 polygons + 1152 from clothing. The clothing hides some parts of the character, so I could remove those hidden polygons... Then I have 2 monster characters that are under but very close to MD2 limits, but I could optimize them a bit. They are meant to be similar to Imps: very common.
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