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Building a pk3 on OSX (solved)

edited 2009 Sep 30 in Tools and Techniques
I have some trouble to build a pk3 in OSX so Doomsday can use it. I know it's a zip format but is there anything special about it?

When I unzip jDoom.pk3 and try zip it again the resulting pk3 don't work anymore. I have look a bit on Internet and found mention that the buildin zip feature of OSX could add some files so I found an application that pretend avoid the problem and do pc compatible format. It doesn't have much options but I tried the uncompressed format and the normal and the resulting pk3 still not working with Doomsday.

EDIT: By looking deeper in Internet I found an OSX application named iPak3. It has multiple pk3 options like for Jedi Academy, Call of duty, and more. That's weird can't this be standard zip?

I used the option "Wolfenstein: Return to Castle (pk3)" and the resulting pk3 is now working fine with Doomsday.


  • I'm not familiar with the state of ZIP archiving software on OS X but Doomsday supports ZIPs that are uncompressed and those which have been compressed using the Deflate algorithm only.
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