Another Vintage Single Player WAD

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Hey All

Here is another WAD from my collection. This is how we Doomed back in the day. This was originally downloaded with a 28.8k modem from a BBS! NOTE: SAVE GAME OFTEN!! ... D.WAD?dl=0


  • Rather than spend your time uploading your copy, consider looking for it on the IDGames Archive first. Here is a GUI for browsing it:

    For instance, here is '': ...

    That said, there doesn't appear to be a zip named DM2MET.ZIP (the first wad yourself posted in the other thread) on the IDGames Archive.

    If you have any decent pwad's, complete with their original readme's and the author states uploading is allowed in it, that aren't in the archive, consider uploading them to the IDGames Archive.
  • I think should have its own WAD repository. That way, people Googling DM2MET.wad might get pointed to this awesome site?? Then the author could chime in or other doom freaks could experience it. I tried emailing the org. authors and they have dead email addresses. I am sure the author of DM2MET wouldn't mind us playing it; rather than all the rigmarole of trying to find the readme of a wad thats 19 years old????
  • Back in the 1990s I had a few complete episode replacements for Doom. Sadly they were all stored on ancient floppy disks, long since lost.

    My fave was something called 'Hades House of Horrors' (it was called Doom_EP5a ir something similar). Had it's own title screen, and all the original music was replaced by classical music. Managed to reacquire this a couple of years ago, and it's still great fun.

    But I also had another episode replacement, which I think was called 'DoomE8', or something similar. The things I can remember about it was that one of the levels was shaped like a giant dragon - when you looked at the map (fully explored) there was this huge dragon shape made visible. Another level was this kind of castle with a moat around it... and the final level was like a big city consisting of steel towers, with elevators.

    Never managed to track that one down, despite several years of searching. If you ever come across something that sounds like it might match this description, could you please let me know? :)
  • is this it? ... f37d13cc53

    it is apparently apart of the megadoom-2 cd.
  • Hmm could be, some of those screens look vaguely familiar, though it's been a long number of years.

    Seems to be no obvious (or safe) method of downloading it from that page but at least I now know what it's called, and so have a basis to start investigating methods of getting hold of it.

    Thank you.
  • go here and download the cd.

    edit: i just went though the wad and it dose indeed have a dragon tho looking at it at first it dose not look like one. lol
  • Ahhhh right. I see it now. It's a bin file right at the bottom of the screen, along with a cue file. Think I'll need to dig out my old CD imaging software apps and blow off the dust.

    Thanks a lot, will take a look at it this evening, once I'm home from work B-)
  • i use a program called DAEMON Tools. it emulates a cdrom
  • Everyone always says DAEMON Tools, Is there something about it that makes it better than ISOPro? I've always used ISOPro and like it so much that I bought the commercial edition. I'm still learning, be patient.
  • the verion i have make it so you can easily switch between your images and you can have as many virtual drive as you want in ehter DT or SCSI formats. witch i have no clue what that means.
  • Hmm, don't know either but, I have extracted the wads from both heritic and doom from that bin/cue. If you need one, let me know.
  • i have it and i can do it easily enough but maybe some one might want some of it
  • Fair warning. I noticed that my copy of Daemon Tools lite was very out of date, not used it for a long time.

    Updated it just now and the install process for the lite version is absolutely riddled with malware. It attempted to put at least four different kinds of adware on my system, followed by a browser hijacker, and 'an ad'-rich search toolbar. This occured DESPITE declining all the offers during the install process. Luckily I was able to block all of it with my firewall, and am right now cleaning it all up with Malawarebytes and Spybod S&D,

    Best way do install it is to decline all offers, and then disconnect yourself from the internet.
  • so you when here to get it? if not then you have your problems right there. as people will take the installers of programs that are popular and then add malware to them.
  • I'd never download anything from an external site like c net as they all use these loaded installers. So yeah I got it from the official site. They obviously are relying on these adware bundles for revenue. Their official support forums have quite a few posts from users complaining about the malware. I suppose you can't really blame them, they have to raise money somehow, and they'll never do so through sales alone.
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