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edited 2014 Nov 13 in General
Does anyone know when 15.0 might be released.


  • 1.15 has been delayed; the roadmap's estimated dates (because they obviously aren't set in stone) were pushed back a while ago.

    When Deng Team announce 1.15 candidate you might be able to estimate 1.15's release time frame, but again, candidate phases don't last a pre-set amount of time.
  • Personally I'm hoping for a stable 1.15 before the end of the year, which means within the next six weeks.

    I've already switched to bug fixing mode myself, but some impactful changes are still being done in the unstable builds. The plan is to merge and clean up all ongoing work during the next couple of weeks and then proceed to fixing the bugs scheduled for 1.15 in the tracker. However, we've decided to be less strict with the dates this time around and instead get everything done properly before the stable release — the final release date is therefore a bit up in the air.

    We are also going to take the candidate phase more seriously this time around, and treat it more like a traditional Release Candidate with most/all known issues already taken care of.
  • Thanks for the information. Very informative.
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