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For sale: 3D model assets for your mods (at 3dFoin)

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Hi guys, we have new models that may suit to use with Doomsday Engine, it's the Action Hero:




and Manticore:


also check out our new Fantasy Interface:


we're running the September Sales, 50% off all items, and even more: you can use the code "September" to get 55% discount YAYYYYYYYYYYY


  • :D
    Hi guys, we have new model again, it's the mermaid:




    Mermaid not only can be used as a decorative-quest NPC, but also a mobs or playable character with 2 set of animations:

    We're running November Sale - 50% off all items so what are you waiting for XD Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Hi guys, we have new model again, it's the Devil Cat:




    What if a cat was as big as a tiger? He would be badass, no doubt! Devil cat shocks the player how a familiar harmless pet turn into something so truculent. It'll be suit to be used in any horror/fantasy game you're making and definitely make it more interesting!


    Also we're running the Christmas Sale:

    - 50% off an model purchase
    - Buy 3 models --> 55% off.
    - Buy 6 models --> 60% off

    So whatcha waiting for? Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
  • Hi guys we have new model a gain, it's the Fantasy Lizard:


    Fantasy Lizards are awesome for fantasy games and suited to be used in many types of map like forest, jungle, desert, plain etc. They're strong mobs who can bite, claw or spit poison to paralyze and kill their prey.


    Also we're running the New Year Sale:

    - Get 50% off any model purchase
    - Buy 3 or more models: 55% off
    - Buy 6 models or more: 60% off

    Yayyyy! So what are you waiting for? XD
  • 3dFoin wrote:
    Yayyyy! So what are you waiting for? XD
    We are waiting for a Id's - Raven's game related assets.
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