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play random sound (JD ambient sound project V2)

edited 2014 Sep 30 in General
Hello dev"s
As i've already once announced, id like to create a new, proper Ambient Sound Addon for Doom. As the initial one was novelty but poorly implented.

Id like to request a new engine feature to: play random sound (list) at random interval at random probability at random pan and random volume, optional pitch. Use specific set for level/episode.
Much as the particle effects work, but specific for sounds.
This would greatly aid the reslization.
Ive already prepared and produced some hundred sounds fitting each episode and additional monster sounds that either fit Doom or are variations of ecxisting sounds, to greatly enhance the mood.

Thanks you very much

Ps: I've also enhanced the existing particle effects and coresponding sound effects for slime/lava etc, but since there isn't a sound radius fall-off they just plain sucked as should be well known. So if sound radius for particles could be added also! Otherwise it almost makes no sense.


  • It sounds like what you want is effectively Hexen's existing sound sequence features made available to the other games. I'm sure that'll happen at some point in the not too distant future.
  • Has there been any recently progress been made?
    I wish to get back to my Ambient Sound Project, but I feel it is futile without some proper technical aid.
    It would be a waste of efficiency to pull it of with the current particle sounds work-around.
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