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Parallax Occlusion with Normal/Displacement Maps

edited 2014 Jul 25 in General
I didn't have an internet connection for a week. In my boredom, I've generated, by hand, displacement maps and normal maps for almost all of the flats and wall textures in the Ultimate Doom wad file.

So far I've done 51 flats and 115 wall textures. A bunch of textures are just flat anyways and a couple more of them are really detailed and are taking me a bit longer. That being said, I've done enough of this to be worthwhile.

Here's an example of what it looks like:
Basically, I've been adding z information to all of the textures. 50% gray is the base height, black is -16 pixels and while is +16 pixels.

Using this information and a handy GIMP plugin, I can use it to generate normal maps.

There's also a preview to see what bump mapping, parallax occlusion and relief mapping looks like. Just check the link below, since I can't post large images.

Basically, I don't have the programming chops to implement this myself and I know that it probably won't be implemented if I just promise to created the textures, so I've made them preemptively in the hopes that someone runs with them.

This could also be useful for anyone who want to upgrade doom to a full voxel engine.

If anybody wants the files, just message me and they are yours. I'll work with you to tweak them,



  • very cool, maybe we can make a project thread for this for in the future.
    This is for the original textures yeah?
  • Yeah, they're derived pixel by pixel from the original textures.

    You can see most of them here:
  • I see you've done the patches used to construct the completed textures, rather than the completed textures, for walls.

    I imagine that if/when Doomsday get's support for these visual features, it will probably be for the completed texture (no Doom port, as of writing, does anything with the patches, only the completed textures).
  • I can always rebuild the full textures from these. The hard part is mostly done
  • yeah, I suggest rebuilding the full textures from these. I can't wait to see them in game when doomsday supports it.
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