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Doom texture alignment woes

I'm currently writing this software renderer for doom and I am having some trouble with texture pegging/unpegging/alignment.

In this area in the E1M1 map, the lower texture (see wall pointed to by arrow here: is supposed to have its lower unpegged flag set. This means that it starts from the floor up...ok so according to that picture I render it correctly.

But by having this flag seg it basically does not line up properly with the wall to the right of it. What flusters me is that I've read the Doom wiki and the unofficial doom specs so I think I am doing things right. But the right method does not create a proper rendering -- the texture begins at the floor and goes upwards but ends up mis-aligning the texture with its neighbors.

I've double checked this sidedef using a doom editor and confirmed that it belongs to a linedef that does have its lower unpegged flag set. Its in the area near where you span and it is a adjacent to the set of stairs leading up to a set of armor.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the sub-forum to post under. I was referred to this place by the guy who manages the high res texture pack. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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