Doom Builder 2 (or GZDoom Builder) + Doomsday, testing


After hours of searching for the answer and not finding a definitive one, I must ask you: how do I have to setup Doom Builder 2 in order to get my own map load in Doomsday Engine when clicking the "Test map" button in the editor? I have tried all sorts of parameters in DB2's "Game Configurations > Testing" -tab on nothing seems to work. I always end up in DE's game selection window, and if I then select the game my map is based on (let's say Doom 2), it only loads the original map and not the one I was working on.

Currently the only way I know how to get my map boot up in Doomsday is to copy-and-paste my WAD-file into the Addons-folder that lies inside the Doomsday/snowberry-folder. The problem with this method is of course that it is way too slow and cumbersome.

Any help help would be highly appreciated, thanks!


  • In Doomsday, if you wish to launch directly into a game, you have to use the -game commandline option to specify a game (this I what the Snowberry launcher calls when you press play). Or you will be taken to the game selection menu. The 'name' for each game can be found on the game selection menu (i.e doom2-plut).

    Alternatively, you can use the 'load' and 'unload' console commands in Doomsday, to load and unload your wad; i.e 'load c:\XXXX\YYYY\zzzz.wad'. If you unload it when you are done testing, you can edit it and reload it using 'load', without having to close Dday.

    Of course, if you want to use the Snowberry launcher, you could always edit the version of the wad in the Snowberry add-ons folder, instead of wherever you are copying it from.
  • Thanks for your answer Vermil!

    However, I just found out the exact commandline parameter set that will launch my map from Doom Builder to Doomsday Engine just perfectly. In the Game Configurations menu in Doom Builder, set this as the test run parameter:
    -game doom2-plut -iwad "%WP" -file "%AP" "%F" -notexcomp -wnd

    (the "-notexcomp" ought to be not so important, but I use it anyways) :)
  • Indeed, I forgot the -iwad when I posted the above. my apologies.
  • ive recently been trying to do this and all i get is doomsday crashing. i am using ultimate doom builder. any help woudl be great please.
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