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Doom4 trailer

edited 2015 Jun 6 in Off-Topic
Let's use this forum for something.

The first trailer for the new Doom (a.k.a Doom4).

EDIT: I've just realized, I don't know the Youtube codes for the Dday forums; does the forum even have any (a quick search reveals no embedded videos, just links like the above).


  • Looks interesting.

    Check this out though: There will be a reveal at Quakecon, which is only a month away or so. They should drop the demo at that point, or near to it.

    Does anyone else think that the Cyberdemon looks like the critter from Dungeon Keeper?
  • I hope its turned back into a fast paced shooter instead of the darkness of 3. I think 3 is ok but I want what doom 1 and 2 had to offer.
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