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Remote doors with chains.

edited 2014 Jun 7 in General
I've been trying for a while to make a door that opens with a chain (the lights come on as if a generator is starting and, at the end, the door's supposed to open), but whenever the door's triggered, Doomsday exits with "XSTrav_MovePlane: Attempted to use dummy Line as XGPlaneMover origin.". I made a door that works (if triggered with player_use), but if called from the chain it exits with said error. The front line of the sector supposed to be the door has the ID of the door's script (so it's not a dummy line).
Here's the code for the door (the commented lines are some stuff I attempted to get it working):
Line Type { 
    ID = 5005
    Flags2 = when_act | any
    #Flags2 = line_act lref = "lref_act_tagged" | Line_act lrefd = 5004 | any
    Class = plane_move
    #Type = timed_off
    #time = 1
    Count = 1
    Ip0 = "lpref_tagged_ceilings"
Ip1 = 5    
    Ip2 = "spref_highest_ceiling"
    Ip4 = "bdopn"    
    Fp0 = 8
fp2 = 10    
And the chain:
Line Type {
   ID = 5001   
   Flags2 = when_act | any
   Class = chain_sequence
   Count = 1
type = flip
time = -1     
  Chain Flags = done_d
	Line Type 0 = 5002
	Line Type 1 = 5003
    Line Type 2 = 5002
    Line Type 3 = 5003
    Line Type 4 = 5002
    Line Type 5 = 5005
    Line Type 6 = 0
Fp1 = 0
Fp2 = .5
Fp3 = 1.3
fp4 = 1.8
fp5 = 2.5
fp6 = 0
The 5002 and 5003 events are for the lights and those work properly.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it a Doomsday bug?

Thanks :)



  • Part's of XG are currently not fully functional following the ongoing rewrite of Dday.

    I'm afraid you've probably hit one of them; I believe a work around until XG is fully restored, is to not have your chain def attached to a linedef of the sector it tries to move.
  • Thanks for your advice :). So to fix it I put the chain linedef somewhere else or dispense with it entirely?
  • Yeah, this is definitely the result of a defect which occurred when the "Map Update API" was implemented. It *should* work as you expect but presently chain_sequence does not work correctly.
  • Thanks for clearing that up :). Any workarounds I can use or should I just refrain from using chains?
  • Its been a while since I did anything XG related but I recall that the Act/Deact chain might be an option? One of the nicer aspects of XG is that there is generally multiple ways to achieve something.
  • Thanks, I'll give it a go, see how it goes.
  • Thanks, it worked sending from the chain to an activator and then the door :)
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