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Flame Mask pickup

edited 2014 Jun 8 in Hexen
It seems that no one has made a model of the Flame mask so I cut the mask from Fire14 texture and gave it the proper sprite name and put it in the Patches folder of my personal pk3. I couldn't find a patches folder in the jxccp so someone else will have to explain how to get it in game.

(EDIT) I've revised it so that it's a little cleaner looking. The edges could use a little more work but my hand isn't steady enough.


  • It's a bit asymmetric in my opinion. And I think it's made from stone, but your version looks like made from metal.
    I have a model for that sprite, but it's not packaged yet.
  • It was cut from the texture in the jxccp resource pack. When you deposit the mask it looks like this.
    I didn't make the texture. Many of the textures in both the Heretic and Hexen resource packs are quite different from the originals. the mount for that mask is one of them.
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