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Internal DED cleanup; Unicode file path fixes

edited 2014 Jun 3 in Developers
I've merged two weeks' worth of commits from my "defs-v2" branch. This branch is about revising the internals of DED definitions; so far I've been cleaning things up and introducing flexibility necessary for next-gen 3D models. There are no new features in this set of changes.

If you use the unstable builds, please keep an eye out for any model-related regressions or other new issues with DED definitions.

On the side, I've been looking into what is up with Unicode file paths (of which there are several bug reports). I found a number of issues related to this, mostly in handling of 8-bit strings where the wrong encoding was being used (internally Doomsday's 8-bit strings are assumed to be UTF-8). Also, on Windows, there are separate file APIs that can be used with 16-bit Unicode characters; I took those into use, since it will sidestep the entire 8-bit encoding problem. The Doomsday 2 file system already uses 16-bit strings only.

If you have been having problems with accents or other "special" symbols in your file paths, please try the upcoming unstable builds and let us know if the issues still persist or not.

The new commits will first appear in the unstable build I'm planning to run tomorrow (Tuesday).


  • There were a few problems in build 1249; will run another one tomorrow.
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