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Saving a game in multiplayer mode

edited 2014 Sep 24 in General
Hi there. This is a very simple question, that's why I ask it in a separate thread of my other multiplayer thread. How can I save in cooperative mode? I tried starting a shell in my own pc, and then joining it, but when I try to save, either by pressing F2 or choosing "save game" in "game files", it doesn't work. The save slots doesn't appear. It doesn't show me any messages, it just doesn't take me to the saving slots. Is there a way to save the game in cooperative mode? If there is, how?


  • I already got the answer that multiplayer saves are not supported. Thanks anyway.
  • most common problem is sv_cheats is set to 0 when it needs to be set to 1 to allow cheats now i do not know if dday implements that
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