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3d Vision Rocks!

edited 2014 May 25 in General
Hi There. I just wanted to say that I've downloaded version 1.14 (the one previous than the one released today) because I didn't updated the engine in a while. And, I discovered stereoscopic 3d vision!! Amazing!! The only way I had to play with 3d vision previous to this feature was to use version 1.9 beta 5.1, the latest version that used directX 9. And, it didn't work properly, because the engine crashed after a while of playing, and also it worked very slow. With version 1.14 native 3d vision support, the game rocks a lot!! It doesn't crash, and it works at full speed!! I just wanted to say thanks for all the good work. It resulted in an amazing experience with heretic. I'll try doom and hexen and then tell you about the experience. Thanks a lot!!
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