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Lowering music volume affects sfx as well

edited 2014 Sep 11 in General
While playing Doom2 I thought I would lower the volume on the music (using SDL_mixer).I then discovered
that turning the music right down/off actually did the same for the sfx side as well. Is this correct?
seems like a bug to me.

Just thought i would ask you as I wasn't sure.



  • It is my understanding that this is a common issue with SDL and Win7 (possibly 8)?

    I have heard of other ports having this issue years ago, but I thought Doomsday incorporated the fix, I recall they came up with?
  • Thanks for your reply. I don't know if this is related, but now Doomday Engine is not running anymore. It ran flawlessly before until now. When I double click the icon it just appears on the taskbar and the actual front-end does not appear anymore. If I double click again I get another instance on the taskbar.

    Is there anyway to get this working again perhaps? seems a little coincidence this should happen after I mess with the volume. I tried rebooting the pc but made no difference. Can I maybe edit the config? don't fancy losing my saved games.

    Sorry about this. Appreciate your input...
  • Snowberry has a long standing bug that when it is closed while minimized, it starts opening up outside the boundaries of ones display.

    Click on the Snowberry instance in the taskbar and select maximize to 'fix it' (i.e to snap it full screen to your display).

    Deng Team are slowly phasing out Snowberry by moving it's functionality in engine, so Deng Team have decided to no longer work on Snowberry (i.e fix bugs such as this) outside of fatal issues.
  • Thanks for your swift reply. When I click on the taskbar instance all I get is 'Doomsday engine' (does nothing when clicked), 'pin this program to taskbar' and 'close window'. The program is not showing on the running tasks (lower right)
  • edited 2014 May 21
    I meant to say right click on the instance sorry.

    EDIT: Ah yes, Windows 8: select Snowberry in the taskbar and press Windows Key + Up to maximize (Windows Key + Down, minimizes).
  • Try a "Left" click or a "Right" mouse click to see if one of them will work.
  • The only way to get the maximize option was to find the .exe via the task manager. This fixed my problems. Thank so much for all your replies. Much appreciated!
  • edited 2015 Jan 19
    I actually experience a similar problem. Went to task manager and fixed it right up. Also you can right mouse click I think. best of luck Cheers!
  • without making another thread, this thread is the closest I could find while being vaguely on topic to post this music (not too bad): ... w&index=24
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