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Week 20/2014: Regressions

edited 2014 May 19 in Developers
Last week we released 1.14.3 and I was continuing work on definitions.

The savegame changes done in 1.14 seem to have been significant enough to cause several regressions, particularly in Hexen where game world state is managed in a rather complicated manner due to the hub mechanism. We will be fixing these as they are discovered. In hindsight, we should've done a full playthrough test with Hexen after changes of this magnitude.

1.14.4 is already on the roadmap, targeting some more Hexen fixes.

When it comes to the definitions, I've started basing the system on Doomsday Script. The Flag definitions are now stored in a Doomsday Script namespace (Defs.flags). However, the engine has many different kinds of definitions and basing all of them on Doomsday Script will take some time, so I will be prioritizing definitions needed for 3D models and leaving the others as is until later.
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