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In-built demo's

edited 2014 May 19 in General
Hi Folks,

Just discovered this amazing engine, thanks so much for your hardwork on it :))

I have a question though. Sorry if it's been asked before (i did check the forums previous posts and couldn't see anything related)

I have installed all the .wad files for all the main games (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen + Deathkings, but noticed the original demo's/attract-modes do not get triggered. It just seems to loop the main titles music. Have these demo's been disabled by default? is there a way to re-enable them? I used to like watching them! :)


  • Doomsday doesn't support demos in the original games format. Doomsday use to have it's own demo format though it is currently disabled.

    Random trivia; the title loop scripts in Doomsday have actually had lines that call non-existent demo's since at least 1.8.6. But nobody ever recorded suitable ones to include with Doomsday, even when the demo format wasn't disabled.
  • Thanks for your reply Vermil. Real shame it doesn't play the demo's. Have to admit the ability to look up and down took some getting used to, but now i'm ok with it. Keep up the great work guys!
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