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Doomsday 1.14.3 Released

edited 2014 May 17 in News
Another small patch for 1.14 is now available. Version 1.14.3 fixes a game saving error where one would sometimes get a message about a file that "already exists". This was caused by a bug in a previously unused part of code in the Doomsday file system.

Download: build1230 | Release notes for 1.14.3


  • Kind of odd that there are 2 new builds back to back called 1230 and then 1231 when 1231 has absolutely nothing listed in it as changed. Is there a difference between the 2?
  • 1230 is from the 1.14 branch while 1231 is from the master (1.15).

    Our builds are time based: new builds will occur even if no changes have been committed to the repository.
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