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Is this related to the missing texture render hack?

edited 2014 May 3 in General
In Map04 of Alien Vendetta, when picking up the Red Key, a bunch of pillars with Chaingunners from the water below will instantly rise, ambushing you (if you don't react within a split second, you will lose a considerable amount of health). In Doomsday, the platforms rise up and the Chaingunners ambush you, but the platforms they're on are totally invisible.

These platforms are underneath the surrounding body of water, and instantly rise up using a dummy sector. Since the floors of these platforms are low enough underwater that you can't see them from your view, they don't bleed (the back lower textures are missing, when they would be normally required for this). These platforms are, however, assigned a different floor (a brown floor) and have front lower textures for when the pillars rise.



  • What you are seeing is a long standing bug with Doomsday's rendering hack support; I get the same issue with a similar set up in one of my own maps.

    It's a rendering hack sector turning into a non-rendering hack sector. Doomsday continues applying the rendering hack when it shouldn't.
  • Thing is, I had thought this situation was being dealt with. There is certainly logic there to handle such changes dynamically and this appears to be working elsewhere. Thanks for pointing this out sonicdoommario, I'll see what the problem is, in this particular case.

    Edit: Found the problem, fixed for the next unstable build.
  • Thanks. I'm curious, will this make it into the 1.14.2 release or will this have to wait until 1.15?
  • Yeah, this fix could be backported for 1.14.2 with a little work (I've already begun to extend/enhance this part of the code for 1.15). Lets see how it works out in practice with the next unstable build before making a decision. There is a possibility that this affects some other map-hacks (none of my test cases displayed regressions, though).
  • This fix has now been marked for potential inclusion in 1.14.2 The fix is already available in unstable Build 1215 or newer, so please give it a try and let us know if you encounter any new regressions (if so we may have to postpone its inclusion).
  • Tried all my usual spots for the deepwater hack (AV Maps01 and 11, TNT Map31, Plutonia Maps02 and 03), and all appear to have checked out, so all good here...
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