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Doomsday 1.14.1 Released

edited 2014 Apr 27 in News
We have released version 1.14.1 that improves stability and fixes several bugs in the renderer, UI, multiplayer, and games:
  • Particles shut off shortly after level start
  • Flickering light decoration on moving platform
  • Letterboxed/pillarboxed drawing of the game is broken
  • Heretic ghost mummies' floating spirits not disappearing after death
  • Gracefully abort if OpenGL version isn't sufficient
  • Shift key state not recognized by bindings when typing in console
  • Invalid time shown in Updater settings dialog
  • Multiplayer weapons aren't remaining in play
  • Error when running doomsday-host
  • Doom: Invulnerability effect not cleared between maps
  • Hexen Deathkings: New game crash while viewing ending
  • Crash at startup when log level is set to verbose or extra verbose
  • Snowberry: Obsolete log verbosity options
  • Renderer optimization: Line side surface decoration updating following plane move
Download: build1212 | Release notes for 1.14.1
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