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Loop in Seven Portals- Guardian of Ice

edited 2014 Apr 5 in Hexen
Dear friends, need help here.

After the opening of the second door in Seven Portals, that leads to Guardian of Ice, I entered the portal, kill all the monsters and hit the switch at the end of the room, downstairs. The 4 crushing columns begin to work: when I choose the right column (with the sword pointing at it), I came back to the same room at Seven Portals that I was before, in a loop: all the items are there as before (flasks, vials, blue mana) and the monsters too.

The door to the Seven Portals yard is shut and I couldn't manage to open: the only way out is to enter the Guardian of Ice portal again and repeat all the process, with the same results, in an endless loop.

Sorry for my bad english, need help to solve this bug!
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