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Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch

edited 2014 Mar 19 in General
in the near future would it be possible to get Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch working under the doomsday engine? here is a link to the main website for thos who do not know what it is.


  • MM8BDM is a rather complex Zandronum mod that relies heavily on ZDoom and Zandronum specific features, which currently have no parallels in Doomsday. Although we do have plans to eventually support some of these features, playing this mod certainly won't be possible with Doomsday in the near future.
  • thought so but it can't hurt to see every now and again if it's more playable once those feature are being implemented
  • I would actually prefer if Doomsday did its own scripting thing - with inspiration from ZDoom instead of going for straight compatibility.

    And I say this because ZDoom (as moddable as it is) is really being pulled down by its years upon years of backwards compatibility.
    Making something new, fresh and less messed up would be a more worthwhile long-term investment, albeit at the price of not being able to play the huge library of ZDoom mods that have been made over the years.

    If there was access to a proper scripting system (preferrably with a simple way to define objects alike to Decorate?) I'm sure it'd eventually pick up steam, especially since Doomsday already seems to have C/S multiplayer. (Which ZDoom doesn't have, and Zandronum is based on Skulltag's apparent brokenness which definitely doesn't help it in the long run.)
  • One would have to convert those maps so it would become compatible with Doomsday, besides, making a manual writing of the code to Doomsday Definitions and stuff. I will assume that Doomsday can load ZDoom's maps without any issue and throw a guess that it would become easily compatible by making a XG script for linedefs. The NPCs would be a different story.

    Netcode needs a bit of work as it desynchronizes in places like teleports (partly my connection's fault too, as it is pretty unstable).
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