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Possible expansion of Doomsday Engine

edited 2014 Feb 28 in General
Now i was just curious, does the doomsday team have any intention of incorporating ACS scripting with doomsday, The logic is simple, You guys have the best renderer hands down. that is not in dispute, but what keeps people from playing the doomsday engine is the apparent lack of mod compatibility. it really is unfortunate because this engine makes doom like just beautiful. Have you guys ever thought of making a merger between GZdoom and doomsday, GZdoom has the best Logic and ACS scripting m while Doomsday has the best renderer and front end. I think it would be quite awesome if those two engines got together and merged their strengths into one engine..

Just a thought. if you did this no other engine would be able to hold a candle next to that masterpiece.


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