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Week 6/2014: Savegame refactoring

edited 2014 Feb 18 in Developers
Last week I did some fine-tuning and minor UI improvements.

My work on the revised multiplayer UI is continuing. During week 6 I didn't have a lot of time for Doomsday, so there isn't much to report. I was mostly applying tweaks to the parts of the new MP UI already committed to the master branch.

DaniJ has been continuing his refactoring of save file reading and writing. Presently saving the game is left entirely to the game plugins, however in the future we are planning to have the engine control the process. When the engine can understand the contents of save files, it provides many opportunities to handle them more intelligently than before. For instance, saved games could be made available directly in the Ring Zero UI.

The unstable builds have been experiencing some failures recently due to all the refactoring. While some of the issues have required finding workarounds to compiler shortcomings (I'm looking at you, GCC 4.2!), others have fortunately been more straightforward to solve. While it is somewhat annoying to be continually fixing things after doing changes on one platform, this is the nature of cross-platform programming. Ultimately we reach a higher standard of quality when the code is subjected to many different compilers and environments.


  • Quick update for week 7: work continues along the same lines as described in this post, so I won't be posting a new note for this week.
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