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Help!! Stuck in wastelands in big room with gargoyels

edited 2014 Feb 7 in Hexen
the star path is supposed to reveal once you've killed all the gargoyles to lead u up for the last piece of the puzzle but the birds won't awake and I can't kill them wtf?? Ive tried 3 different version of doomsday and backtracking from older saves with all of them and no luck anyone give me any advice id appreciate it!

Doomsday Engine versions ive tried:


  • DDay.out file please we can help you until you post it.
  • Huh? What the hell is DDay.out file?
  • hey nvm i found a work around, had to load a way older save and go do that first, don't know why that made a difference but it triggered it.
  • side note the doomsday.out file recodes what you see in the console and it helps everyone to help you
  • It is likely that you inadvertently triggered a bug of some description in Hexen's game scripts (of which there are many...).

    See the following wiki article about doomsday.out.
  • well I appreciate the responses anyways guys thanks
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