invisible demons, meh

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i have the latest jdrp and the newest doomsday.

i have noticed today the "invisible" demons are no longer invisible at all just semi transparent making them really easy to see and kill.

any way to change this to a more authentic experience. thanks

probably need to modify something in jdrp huh


  • mmkay..

    you can either uncheck spectre in the jdrp or rename the spectre file, I put a .BAK on the end of it

    answered myself haha
  • hmm neither of those worked.

    i guess it must use the demon model
  • currently the old inviso code is not in as of yet and there is vary few sourceports that have it but with the new stuff thats being added it's now possible. once everything is set up of course.
  • No OpenGL port replicates the original invisible effect of the Spectre sprite as far as I know.

    Though the JDRP Spectre monster makes an attempt to visually imitate it.
  • You can follow this link ... _skulltag/

    and download these files, and put them into your addons directory.

    That should fix the invisible monster problem.
  • Skin alpha using png should take care of that. Also, I believe there is a transparency setting in the def file. I can't remember how it was done.
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