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Week 3/2014: Cleanup

edited 2014 Jan 20 in Developers
Last week I finished the main heap of work cleaning up all existing log messages to use the revised logging mechanism that allows per-subsystem filtering of messages. Due to this I was also able to remove some old functions from the engine's public API related to printing stuff in the console. Now everything is printed directly with libdeng2's logging facilities.

For some time now I've been planning to improve the way how Doomsday Script functions can be implemented with native code. This is a very important mechanism when it comes to making engine features available in Doomsday Script. I added a utility class called Binder that makes this quite straightforward.

We've also been cleaning up and fixing some issues introduced during recent refactoring. However, in today's build 1115 there is still an issue with the InFine title animation getting stuck and obscuring the game view. I'll run a new build tomorrow that should fix this.

As a side task, I checked how Qt 5.2 is performing for us nowadays. Almost everything is working as it should, however there are a couple of small annoyances at least on OS X that mean we won't be upgrading just yet (related to font handling and native toolbars). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Qt 5.3.
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