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How to load a single PWAD

edited 2014 Jan 22 in DOOM
Hello !
The problem is after I installed the last version of the Doomsday engine, i am now not able to run a custom WAD, whenever it present in the addons. Megawads though are usable. I did'nt find a useful commandline.
Thanks to help.


  • ok are you using snowberry if so then the pwad should be in your addons folder for it to pick it up. if your not useing it then run it with the old -file *.wad command this will only work if the pwad in question is with your main iwad. some correct me if i am wrong here.
  • Thanks, but using the first it do't work and trying with the command line : load -file *.wad, it just tell me that this file is already loaded but then back up to the main iwad. I selected the wad in the appropriate list. Doing this with a megawad, no problem. Something else ? :-/
  • Not every pwad replaces Map01 or E1M1. Hence you may have to warp to the correct map.

    It's usually stated in the readme which map(s) a pwad replaces. But if not, one can type 'listmaps' in the taskbar/console after starting Dday with the pwad loaded.
  • Yes, I apologize. I though I had a first map but finding the txt file I knew it was a level 12 or 13. So warp to that level is the good answer. Thank you everybody, I'm glad now. <:-P
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