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Hi, i just registered (very good the captcha! :)) ) to say thaaaank yoooou for this amazing engine for DooM.

I'm playing it for years, by the way, and I never came here to show my gratitude to this community. Your work is absolutly fantastic. Thanks!


  • I'm just adding my agreement here - thank you! (For the 20th anniversary of Doom, I've been playing through the original levels again, reliving fond memories with my uncle and cousin.)
  • I would like to post my gratitude, as well. Thank you, Deng team, for creating this amazing source port and retaining the classic gameplay while updating the graphics, sound, and other technical capabilities. Doom has never looked, sounded, or played better!
  • I too want to thank everyone involved in this project. I get the same rush I did 20 years ago when I first played Doom 2. I just played one of my "ancient" wads and it was freaking awesome!! Thanks again!!!
  • Here here!

    Awesome work! This indeed is a cultural heritage preserved well by the deng-team!

    We salute you!
  • ditto. i just downloaded it and im flabbergasted. these games look simply amazing (again).
  • I want to say thank you as well.

    I've been using this engine for like 10 years. It was called jdoom back then as far as I now. I'm glad that it keeps getting updated.

    Features like 3D and Oculus Rift support are awesome. Keep up the good work!
  • once skyjake decided to do all the games not just hexen then he some how renamed it all to the doomsday engine. but he still had it has the different jports
  • To be honest I don't understand this project. 10 years ago we played many times with my friends over internet without any problem. It's ok, that now we have console...etc., but I don't understand why so hard a server start after 10 years.

    But anyway, this is the best doom-port ever. Thanks!
  • Thanks to everyone for the kind words, they are much appreciated. :)
    Giskard wrote:
    I don't understand why so hard a server start after 10 years.
    The explanation is quite simple: multiplayer has had a very low priority in recent times. We've been moving more and more toward a rendering focus with features like the new model renderer with skeletal animation. I will take it into consideration whether an MP sprint would make sense in the near future, particularly when it comes to things like starting an ad-hoc server directly within the client (like in the old days), and providing some basic GUI settings for MP games (which map to play, etc.).
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